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What Is Italic Type Text?

Italic text is writing that's printed or typed in letters that are slightly slanted to the right. For example, this is italic text because it has a slant to it.

Italic text originated from calligraphic handwriting and is now used in books, papers, policies, and many other forms of written text all over the world.

What Is Italic Text Used For?

If you see text written in italics, it's usually been done by the author for emphasis. For example, the word 'you' is written in italic text in the following sentence to emphasize that the text applies to you, the reader.

Example: This applies to you.

However, sometimes italic text isn't always used for emphasis. Sometimes, you will find people's names, places, titles of a book, or a section of dialogue written in italics. The reason this type of text is written in italics is that it makes it easy for readers to notice that it's a name, place, thing, or a quote from a person.

How to Write in Italics on WhatsApp

To write text in italics when sending a message on WhatsApp, simply place an underscore immediately before and after the text you want to italicize.

For example: _text_

How to Write in Italics on Instagram

To write in italics on Instagram messages, bios, comments, and descriptions, you usually need to use some form of online text generating tool that will convert your text into italics. To use the text on Instagram once it's been converted to italics, simply copy and paste it where you need it.

How to Use the Italics Text Generator

Here's how to use the italics text generator to convert your writing into italics:

  1. Type in the box or copy and paste your text into it
  2. The italic text will automatically appear below
  3. Simply copy and paste the text to use it wherever you like