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What Is Bold Text?

Bold text is written in a darker shade and is usually used by authors for emphasis or to draw a reader's attention to a section of text. For example, the word "not" is written in bold in the following sentence to emphasize that it does not apply to you.

Example: This does not apply.

What Is Bold Text Used For?

Text that has been written in bold has usually been done so that the reader pays special attention to the word, phrase, or sentence. Text is also made bold to emphasize that the information is important to the reader.

Sometimes, you'll find things like dates and times written in bold. This is done for the same reason as it draws your attention to the date or time.

How to Write in Bold on WhatsApp

To write text in bold when sending a message on WhatsApp, simply place an asterisk (also called a star) immediately before and after the text you want to make bold.

For example: *text*

How to Write in Bold on Instagram

If you've noticed people writing comments, descriptions, messages, and bios in bold on Instagram and you're wondering how to do it yourself, you can use an online text generating tool to do this. All you have to do is write your text into the tool and it will automatically make it bold so you can copy and paste it to your Instagram.

How to Use the Bold Text Generator

Here's how to use the bold text generator to convert your writing into bold:

  1. Type in the box or copy and paste your text into it
  2. The bold text will automatically appear below
  3. Simply copy and paste the text to use it wherever you like