Tiny (Subscript)

Tiny (Superscript)

What Is Small Text?

Small text is a type of Unicode (an international textual character specification used by computers) that many people use in academic papers, research articles, documentation, text messages, or on social media profiles and posts. It is not a font but is instead a set of characters that resemble a small font.

What Do You Call the Small Text? (Known as Subscript)

The tiny text that appears in some documents or papers (that sits just below or above the line of typing) is called "Subscript" or "Superscript".

More specifically, subscript is when the text is below the line and superscript is when the text is above the line. Usually, this text is either a number, figure, or symbol - but it can also include letters.

For example, in the word "H2O", the lower "2" is subscript.

Within the date "22nd", the "nd" is superscript.

How Do You Type a Superscript Small?

There are multiple ways to type a superscript small text. You can:

  • Use a small text generator: simply type the text into the tool, and it will automatically make it small.
  • Use Microsoft Word: you can either insert a superscript symbol or change the font to superscript.

What Is the Small Text Generator?

The small text generator is a quick and easy way to convert your text to small text or subscript. As you type, the generator will automatically make your text small. Then, you simply copy and paste it where you need to use it.

You can use a small text generator to create small text for your social media bios, text messages, posts, captions, or emails. Simply start typing your text into the small text generator, and it will automatically appear.

How to Use the Small Text Generator

Here's how to use the small text generator in three simple steps:

  1. Enter your text in the input
  2. The tiny text will automatically appear
  3. Simply click "Copy" to use your small text