Bold Serif

Bold Sans Serif

Bubble Text I

Bubble Text II

Blackboard Bold



Fraktur Bold

Full Width



Handwriting Bold

Italic Serif

Italic Sans Serif




Square I

Square II

Tiny (Subscript)

Tiny (Superscript)



Double Slashthrough


Strikethrough Vertical


Double Underline






Random I

Random II

Random III

Random IV

Random V

Random VI

Random VII

Random VIII

Random IX

Random X

Random XI

Random XII

How to Write Fancy Letters

Have you ever wondered how to create fancy text with cool fonts and patterns for WhatsApp and your social media accounts?

You can use the Exotic Text to create different kinds of cool fonts. Using the font generator, you can build your own signature style or just explore the library of unique varieties.

What Is the Exotic Text Tool?

The Exotic Text Tool is an online tool that will generate fonts and change your text into something that looks cool.

The text generator allows you to easily create fancy text that looks stylish on your messages or social media accounts. The fonts can be used for text on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Discord, and Skype.

When you use the Exotic Text Tool, you can choose from almost 50 different styles and fonts, including the emoji alphabet, morse code, braille, shrug text, and many more!

How Does the Exotic Text Tool Work?

Creating your own fancy text using the Exotic Text Tool font generator is easy.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Exotic Text Tool to create your own fancy text:

  1. Start typing your text in the "Type here" box or copy and paste your existing text into the box
  2. Scroll down to view all the different cool fonts
  3. Choose your favorite
  4. Click "Copy" to copy it to your clipboard

Once you've chosen your text, you can use the cool text generator to create more fancy text as many times as you like. If you want to convert a different set of words, simply delete the text in the "Type here" box and start again.