Zalgo Text Generator - Cursed Text - Demon Text

Zalgo text generator helps you create glitchy text online. You can use it to generate text with weird symbols.

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What Is Zalgo Text?

If you're wondering what Zalgo text is, it is usually text that has a glitchy look. It tends to flicker, appear smudged and give an overall distorted look. Usually, the letters in Zalgo text look like they are falling apart. People use Zalgo text because it catches the eyes of readers and gives off a spooky, corrupted vibe.

Originally, the word "Zalgo" was used to describe an entity that took over people's minds and caused insanity. It's where Zalgo text obtained its name. It's also why Zalgo text became known as one of the scariest texts you can use on the web and is often referred to as "demon text".

How Does Zalgo Text Work?

Zalgo text works by generating special characters and converting your text into distorted letters combined with the special characters.

Oftentimes, Zalgo text uses characters you won't find on your keyboard to create the effects. Since there are over 100,000+ different characters and symbols recognized across the world (and your keyboard only has around one hundred of them), you'll probably find symbols you've never seen before when using Zalgo Text Converters.

How to Make Your Own Glitchy Text

You can use the Zalgo Text Converter Tool to make your own glitchy text.

Here's how to use the tool in a few simple steps:

  1. Type your text into the box
  2. Select your craziness level
  3. Copy the text and paste it to where you'd like to use the glitchy text